The Seven Realms


The Vale

A digital version of the Earth and inhabited solar system.  Citizens of the Realms interact with each other primarily in the Vale.


All off world colonies of the Federation, including the Wheel in Earth orbit, the Armstrong Lunar Base, Huygens Station in Mars orbit and the colony of New Rome, Mars.


All of Europe and Asia.


Australia and Antarctica.


All of Africa and the Middle East.


All of North and South America.

The Deep

The oceans of Earth

People, Places & Things

Rights of Life

The Seven Realms, shortly after uniting all of humanity as one people, declared a New Declaration of Human Rights. While the list of rights is exhaustive, the primary ones humanity is most concerned with are called the “Right To Six.”

  • Right to Income: Every citizen of the Founder Federation and member of the Seven Realms is provided a weekly income determined by the Senate. Roughly 90 percent of the population live solely on their RTI accounts. The remaining “10 percenters” are comprised primarily of business owners, scientist and government employees.
  • Right to Energy: Every citizen is provided a limitless supply of energy, free of charge.
  • Right to Medical: Every citizen has access to medical or medical enhancement, including genetic, free of charge.
  • Right to Link Access: Every citizen is provided free access to the Link and the Vale.
  • Right to Housing: Every citizen is provided a home of their own, free of charge.
  • Right to Education: All citizens are afforded the opportunity to education of their choice, free of charge.

The Rages

There are two primary Rages wreaking havoc upon mankind. The first is the Rages borne of climate change: severe storms, wildfire, earthquakes, drought. The second is the Wildthing Rages, which began decades after the Rages of climate change. Every animal on the planet, with the exception of dogs, has turned against mankind. Animals will hunt and kill any human they see and often work together to attack. When they do, it is called a Rage. For decades the Seven Realms has claimed that the Wildthing Rages are caused by a virus, but there are those who believe they are in response to a planet that is sentient, awakened and determined to bring about the extinction of the human race.

The Wilderness

All areas outside of the Hub cities of the Federation are Wilderness. The Wilderness is not a part of the Seven Realms.

The Link

The digital link that connects all citizens of the Seven Realms. Through the Link, Federation citizens can access the Vale or their own digital worlds. Connection to the Link is accomplished one of two ways:

  • Linktag: A nanobot implant injected into the host through the right temple. Through a linktag, a person is constantly connected to the Link and can access the Vale with a thought.
  • Eyeset: Eyepiece that connects the wearer to the Link by relaying information through the retina. When wearing an eyeset, the wearer can manipulate the Link and enter the Vale in the same manner as those with a linktag, but when not wearing the eyeset a person has no Link connection.


After the perfection of fusion and the abundance of a limitless supply of energy, powerbands were created and are provided to every citizen of the Federation. Members of the Seven Realms wear a band that stretches from just above their wrist to just below their elbow that draws power to energize anything within 50 meters of the wearer.


Virtual worlds created by citizens through the Link. In a MyRealm people can create the world of their own imagination. Many Federation citizens choose to spend the majority of their time in their own MyRealm. While it is not forbidden by the Realms, citizens are cautioned to not enter another person’s MyRealm if they are strangers. While no harm can come to a citizen in the Vale, in a MyRealm a visitor is subject to the laws of the creator of the MyRealm and can be subject to psychological stresses that can cause permanent damage.


Digital life forms without their own individuality. They interact with people in the Vale or a MyRealm, but have no independent thought. Wallpaper People is slang for a Filler.

The Jinn

Artificial Intelligence. The Jinn have all the rights of individuality in the Seven Realms. Some choose to exist solely in the Vale, while others live within synthetic bodies. Originally, there were eight of the Jinn considered to be the Great Ones, and collectively they monitor both the Vale and the Sphere and answer only to the Lord Judge. There are hundreds of other Jinn who are considered Minors who exist in the Vale and Sphere with their human counterparts.

The Sphere

The physical world.


Citizens with a linktag. When first developed those with a linktag struggled with simultaneous sensory input from both the physical and digital worlds.


Citizens who access the Link through an eyeset.


People of the Wilderness. They refuse all of the benefits of citizenship in the Seven Realms and refuse to access the Link.


While still a Right of Life, the Seven Realms has declared all religions as cults and pay them scant attention. The ChristGaians are the only religion growing in numbers, primarily in the Wilderness. ChristGaians believe in JesusGod and that the Earth Gaia is one of His chosen. Together they created all life and the Rages are their judgement upon mankind.

The Lord Judge

The Lord Judge of the Seven Realms is founder of the Federation, which replaced the United Nations after the Energy Wars. His chambers is in The Wheel in orbit.

High Judges

There is a High Judge appointed as the Voice of Law in each Realm of the Federation.

Federation Senate

The Federation Senate is comprised of Senators representing each country that remained of the Old World after the Energy Wars. Each country, regardless of population, was granted one senate representative when the Federation was formed. The Senate drafts laws and oversees administration of the government.

The Legion

The Legion is the military arm of the Founder Federation. Each physical Realm of the Federation has its own Legion, with the Realm High Judge serving as commander. The Lord Judge serves as the Supreme Commander of all Legions in the Founder Federation. The Legion is bound by the Federation Senate. Once approved by majority vote of the Senate, the Legion is unbound and in service to the Lord Judge and his High Judges.

The Marshals Service

Federation Marshals are the keepers of peace and justice in the Seven Realms of Man. They serve under the command of each Realm High Judge and are sworn to the Lord Judge. Each Hub of the Federation has a marshal and 50 deputy marshals.


Scyes are the primary weapon of the Marshals Service. Originally developed as a digital interface with the physical world (prior to the creation of the Vale), scyes are metal orbs that provide digital input and allow the user to experience reality as if they were physically present. With the scye, a user can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel anything the scye interacts with. After the Vale was perfected, scyes were no longer utilized. The Marshals Service enhanced the scyes with shielding that turns them into a lethal weapon.


Sentinels are automations that patrol the boarders of each Hub city, sworn to protect the Hubs against incursion from the Wilderness of any animal life threatening to citizens of the Realms. They serve under the command of the Marshals Service.


Delivery drones that serve citizens of the Seven Realms. Anyone with a Link connection can request any product available in the world and if they have the funds in their right to income accounts, a Stork will deliver it. Normal delivery for most food items is within minutes. For larger or specialty order items, delivery time can take hours or as long as three days.


Dragons are high speed passenger and cargo trains built upon the skeleton of the old interstate or highway systems. They are the arterial lines for each Hub in the world and are the primary means of travel for citizens of the Federation who choose to physically travel. White Dragons are designed for passengers, Blue Dragons are cargo trains

The Wrynd

Simply put, the Wrynd are drug addicts. In the throes of the Energy Wars, a new weapon was in development by Doctor Elias Wrynd, a drug that would make a soldier super human. It alters the genetic makeup of those injected to make them smarter, faster, stronger. The drug is called Ink because it turns the veins and sclera black. It also turns them mad, twisted into depravity, with a lust to devour anyone they consider prey. If those injected with Ink do not receive another dose of the drug within 10 days, they descend into agonizing madness and die. The drug was never perfected after 520 attempts. In attempt 521, Doctor Wrynd injected himself and consumed his team. The formula for Wrynd521 was leaked on the Link and the Wrynd were born. They prey in the Wilderness upon man and beast alike.