A Man in Boxers with a Spear

My chosen profession is Safety Manager. I didn’t choose this profession, mind you, it chose me. At first it was an additional duty, perhaps given by my former employer as punishment, or warning to others, I’m not sure. I pause to consider the wisdom of my profession, from time to time, when I do things … Continue reading A Man in Boxers with a Spear

Hold the Light

Hold the light. That’s about the only command I can remember from my Dad growing up. I idolized him, as I think most lucky kids do. So I was his shadow. Whenever I got the chance I would go to work with him, no matter what the work might be. For a time he wore … Continue reading Hold the Light

SumDaze – Raised by my Hero

I’ve always considered myself fortunate to have been raised by my hero. My dad’s been my hero since I was a kid, longer then I can remember really.  He’s always been a little bit larger than life in my eyes and even though I now stand a couple of inches taller than him and outweigh … Continue reading SumDaze – Raised by my Hero