A Pause for a Political Rant

I am at a loss to how we have come to where we are, and find myself wondering every day what it means to be an American. In the end, has the meaning slipped beyond our grasp? It’s not just the mainstream political candidates that we have been told are our only choices; it is … Continue reading A Pause for a Political Rant

A Roadmap to the Rages

  The Rages – Castaway will be published tomorrow, and as the hours tick away there was one item I wanted to provide on my website that I have neglected. It is right next to my “About the Author” button at the top of the page and is called “The Seven Realms of Man.” On this … Continue reading A Roadmap to the Rages

The Seven Realms of Man

The Vale A digital version of the Earth and everything in it. Also includes a digital version of all off-world colonies. Citizens of the Federation interact with each other primarily in the Vale. Outland All off world colonies of the Federation, including the Wheel in Earth orbit, the Armstrong Lunar Base, Huygens Station in Mars … Continue reading The Seven Realms of Man

The Rages Vs. Five Days Dead

Since I made the announcement, a little more than 24 hours ago, that The Rages – Castaway would be available on Amazon in a few days, I've had a number of people ask me how this book fits in with Five Days Dead, which I published in 2014. I thought it might be a good … Continue reading The Rages Vs. Five Days Dead

SumDaze – Raised by my Hero

I’ve always considered myself fortunate to have been raised by my hero. My dad’s been my hero since I was a kid, longer then I can remember really.  He’s always been a little bit larger than life in my eyes and even though I now stand a couple of inches taller than him and outweigh … Continue reading SumDaze – Raised by my Hero