The End of Everything Has Begun

Greyland, the sequel to The Rages is now available. It's a twisted world inside my head. Not quite as twisted as the real world, but still. Part III of the series, Redemption, and Part IV, The Vale, will be available by the end of the year. I've got some writing to finish.

Welcome to Walmart

I went to Walmart a little bit ago. Don't be alarmed. I mostly kept my eyes averted and made it out virtually unscathed. I went in search of a new tube for my wife's bike. As I walked past the racks of new bikes, I paused and was looking at all the models and the … Continue reading Welcome to Walmart

A Man in Boxers with a Spear

My chosen profession is Safety Manager. I didn’t choose this profession, mind you, it chose me. At first it was an additional duty, perhaps given by my former employer as punishment, or warning to others, I’m not sure. I pause to consider the wisdom of my profession, from time to time, when I do things … Continue reading A Man in Boxers with a Spear

Hold the Light

Hold the light. That’s about the only command I can remember from my Dad growing up. I idolized him, as I think most lucky kids do. So I was his shadow. Whenever I got the chance I would go to work with him, no matter what the work might be. For a time he wore … Continue reading Hold the Light

Small Talk with a Wave

Our neighbor came over last night to offer us some fresh peaches. We were grateful, because we sure do love peaches. I answered the door, and if it had remained a conversation between the two of us, it would have been a pretty straightforward exchange. “Would you like some peaches?” My neighbor would have asked. … Continue reading Small Talk with a Wave

Putting Papa Out to Pasture

My wife and I had the chance to spend most of the weekend with two of our granddaughters while their Mom and Dad were in the hospital to welcome their new sister into the world. The oldest of their girls, Paisyn, isn’t quite three-years-old, and she reminds me of her mother so much it hurts. … Continue reading Putting Papa Out to Pasture

World Building, One Brick at a Time

I’ve been taken to task by readers for not providing enough information about the world I’ve built in my novel. It’s a point well taken and one I struggle with when I force myself to sit down at the keyboard and starting spinning a tale. Personally, I don’t like a whole lot of “info-dumping” in … Continue reading World Building, One Brick at a Time

Go Write a Book

I am a middle child. Well, actually, my older brother is the middle child, but he is also the oldest of the boys, so I inherited the title and all the benefits that come with it. Because of that, I spent a great deal of time fading into the background. I became pretty good at … Continue reading Go Write a Book

Welcome to The Rages

Finally! Out of my head and into my hands. Three more books in the next 20 months and I can finally let my mind slip blissfully into insanity.

My Book is Starting to Scare Me

The idea behind The Rages and the Book of the Shepherds has been bouncing around in my head for decades. I blame it primarily for my unstable mental condition. But now it's starting to scare me a little bit. Especially when I see stories like the one on MSN, linked below. In The Rages, Right … Continue reading My Book is Starting to Scare Me