About the Author

Papa, Nana and Paisyn

James L. Davis is an author who lives with his wife in Spanish Fork, Utah, in a home infested with children and animals, where he is very happy and not altogether sane.

He is one novel deep into a four novel series that has been wrecking havoc in his fragile brain for more than 30 years.  He tagged the science-fiction /  fantasy series as a story about “the end of everything” and is only now beginning to realize it may in fact be about the end of him.

The Rages – Castaway, the first in a five-part novella of the first volume of the Book of the Shepherds, will arrive on Amazon in September 2016, with a new part arriving every month thereafter. Looking back on a long and winding trail, he chose the dream of a writer because the thought of being reclusive was appealing.  He did not realize that to achieve such a reclusive life required a great deal of self promotion and talking to people about the odd things you do in a dark room with a keyboard and monitor.  It was nowhere in the promotional literature about the joys of being a writer.

When he is not being harassed by the people who live in his head and scream at his brain, he enjoys running (not very fast, more like wobbling really), reading, anything involving a boat going fast, and confusing his family. He also plans to jump out of a perfectly good airplane fairly soon.

His wife promised him that when he turns 60 he can be a pirate. He has been practicing pirate-speak and drinking rum ever since.

2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I totally relate to your having done a whole lot of things ‘in an attempt to quiet the impulse to release the inner voices’. I’ve done the same many times, ever. I think I do it because I know that once I give them free rein there is no stopping them and they’re going to take over. Then I enjoy the ride so much I wonder why I put it off for so long. Weird. Me, I mean, not you.

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