The Rages – Betrayed

The Rages: Part V - Betrayed (The Book of the Shepherds 1) by [Davis, James L]

Betrayed – The final part of the Rages.

The fate of the world waits in the Wilderness. Determined to find the Leap, the might of the Seven Realms journeys into the fury of nature’s Rages in search of its destiny.

Marshal Jodi Tempest, betrayed by the Federation she serves, is determined to find the Leap and subvert Lord Judge Syiada’s quest for godhood.

Wrynd Scimitar Hatcher, consumed with the need for vengeance, embarks on a last, desperate act to destroy those who have wronged him.

At the center of it all is Harley Nearwater, the Castaway. Delivered to the Wrynd, his last, only hope is a deal with the Grey Walker, a legend of mystical power and ruthless cunning. It is a deal with forces he cannot comprehend, and may be his undoing.

The Earth Rages. Humanity is Hunted. The End of Everything is About to Begin.


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