The Rages – Part II, Now Available

The Rages: Part II: Quest (The Book of the Shepherds 1) by [Davis, James L.]

The Earth Rages. Humanity is hunted.

In the New Age of Discovery, society has cured its ills, and lost its soul. There is no disease, poverty, religion or war. Gathered in Hub cities of the Seven Realms, ninety percent of humanity lives within the Vale, a digital world of their own design, where they want for nothing . . . except a purpose.

Outside of the Seven Realms, the world has returned to nature, to the Wilderness, where every living thing hunts for human blood. It is a land of madness, a place where the Earth itself Rages for the extinction of humanity. From the Wilderness three strangers will be changed forever, and the world with them:

Harley Nearwater journeys to the Seven Realms. He seeks only the company of others for a time, to find respite from the harshness of a world he no longer recognizes. Death follows him.

Quinlan Bowden searches for his wife, and knows to find her he must leave behind the security of the Hubs. The mother of his children has been taken and if they are to save her, they must face the Wilderness, where monsters truly do live. He holds onto hope, the faint glimmer of hope that things might yet be made right. But he knows the world is full of monsters, and their master is despair.

Brinna Wilde dreams of a place beyond the Wilderness, the only world she has ever known, where the last of the faithful wait for Judgment Day. Her dreams lead her to the Seven Realms, where the gifts of the greatest civilization of man might guide her toward redemption.

Their paths will cross. Chaos will reign.

The end of everything is about to begin.



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